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Last night (12th), the South Korean men's football team concluded a new training session. During this FIFA match day, the Korean team was affected by the epidemic and failed to arrange any international A-level matches. They only played two games against the Korean National Olympic team, and the results were one win and one draw (a 2-2 draw on October 9th and a 3-0 win on the 12th). However, head coach Paul Bento does not want to "stand by and wait." In the middle of next month, the South Korean team plans to go to Europe, imitating the Japanese team to set up a base camp overseas to start training.

昨晚(12日),韩国男子足球队结束了新的训练课。在这一FIFA比赛日中,韩国队受到这一流行病的影响,未能安排任何国际A级比赛。他们只与韩国国家奥林匹克队进行了两场比赛,结果是一胜一平(10月9日为2-2平局,十二日为3-0胜利)。但是,总教练保罗·本托(Paul Bento)不想“等待并等待”。下个月中旬,韩国队计划前往欧洲,模仿日本队在海外建立一个大本营,开始训练。

Different from the Japanese team stationed in the Netherlands this month, the South Korean team selected the training location is Austria. The first Korean Football Association considered Britain, France or Portugal, but the current situation in these places is not optimistic. Later, he applied to the Dutch side, but was not approved by the authorities, and finally decided to start training camp in Austria. As of at least mid-October, Austria’s restrictions on overseas arrivals are not particularly strict. Of course, if the South Korean team forms a large-scale group of close to 40 people, it will also need to apply for a temporary visa to enter Austria, but overall, the travel difficulty is much less than that of traveling to countries such as Britain and France.


In addition to the selection of training locations, the Korean Football Association also has to contact the team to warm up opponents. At present, it is basically finalized that there will be a match with Mexico and Qatar each. Among them, the contest with the former has been implemented to the specific kick-off time: 8 or 9 pm on November 14th, but it involves the city and stadium of the game, and further consultation between the two parties is required. Mexico happens to be the 2018 World Cup South Korea The team’s group match opponent (the Mexico team won 2-1 at the time). In addition, the game against Qatar. It is reported that Paul Bento attaches great importance to this battle. Because in the quarter-finals of the Asian Cup last year, the South Korean team lost to Qatar 0 to 1 and was eliminated. Bento hopes to fight his rivals again and is eager to get his name. Currently, the Football Associations of South Korea and Qatar are communicating on this.

除了选择训练地点外,韩国足球协会还必须联系球队以对对手进行热身。目前,已经基本敲定,将分别与墨西哥和卡塔尔进行比赛。其中,与前者的比赛已在特定的开始时间进行:11月14日晚上8点或晚上9点,但涉及亚博最新网站是多少比赛的城市和体育场,需要双方进一步协商。墨西哥恰好是2018年世界杯韩国队的小组赛对手(当时墨西哥队以2-1获胜)。此外,对阵卡塔尔的比赛。据悉,保罗·本托非常重视这场战斗。因为在去年亚洲杯四分之一决赛中,韩国队以0比1输给了卡塔尔,被淘汰。 Bento希望再次与他的竞争对手战斗,并渴望获得他的名字。目前,韩国足协和卡塔尔足协对此进行了沟通。

If the trip to Austria is smoothly promoted, Paul Bento will not need to train this month and can only recruit domestic players. On the contrary, returnees such as Sun Xingmin, Huang Yizhu, Huang Xican, Li Zaicheng, Quan Changxun, Li Gangren, etc., can all join large forces to participate in preparations and competitions. Although Paul Bento has found many new players in the recent two friendly matches against the Korean Olympic team, such as jumpers Lee Dong-Jung and Lee Dong-jun, Jeonbuk Hyundai left back Lee Joo-young, etc., but he is currently the most eager to see , Is still the elite team of those who have played in overseas leagues, including Jung Yoo-young, Nam Tae-hee, Kim Young-kwon, Kim Min-jae, Park Ji-soo, etc. who have played in other Asian leagues. Therefore, even if the South Korean team imitates the Japanese training in Europe, when it is difficult to form a group of close to 30 all-European roster, the recruitment of the "Asian Gang" is almost a certainty.

如果到奥地利的旅行得到顺利推进,保罗·本托(Paul Bento)本月将不需要培训,只能招募国内球员。相反,孙兴民,黄以柱,黄锡灿,李在成,权昌勋,李刚仁等海归可以全力参加大赛。尽管保罗本托在最近的两场对阵朝鲜奥运会的友谊赛中找到了许多新球员,例如跳投李东准和李东俊,全北现代留下了李若英等,但他目前是最渴望看到的,仍然是参加过海外联赛的精英球队,其中包括郑幼英,南泰熙,金永权,金敏载,朴智秀等。在其他亚洲联赛中。因此,即使韩国队模仿日本人在欧洲的训练,当很难组成一支由近30名全欧洲人组成的队伍时,“亚洲帮派”的招募几乎是可以肯定的。

The biggest difficulty at present is concentrated on the two Chinese Super League players Jin Minya and Park Jisu, and the former Evergrande player Kim Young Kwon of the Gamba Osaka team. The problem with Kim Young-kwon is that the J-League will not be suspended, and the Gamba team may not be released. Kim Min-jae and Park Ji-soo are not trapped in the AFC. According to the Korean Football Association, once the international A-level matches are over from Austria to Qatar to participate in the AFC, they may not need to be isolated after entering the country. The biggest stumbling block lies in the timing of the second stage of the Chinese Super League championship competition. The South Korean team plans to start the training camp on November 9, but the finals of the Chinese Super League Championship and the first and second rounds of the third place will be held on November 8th and 12th. If Evergrande and Guoan break into the top four in the Super League, and Paul Bento wants to recruit Kim Min-jae and Park Ji-su, he will probably face some difficulties.


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