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Ferguson & Cristiano Ronaldo, Mancini & Balotelli, Mourinho & Essien, Guardiola & Tiago, Sarri & Jorginho... There is no shortage of coaches and players who are close to each other in football. The relationship between Ancelotti and Ronaldo is the same.

弗格森(Ferguson)和克里斯蒂亚诺(Cristiano Ronaldo),曼奇尼(Mancini)和巴洛特利(Balotelli),穆里尼奥(Mourinho)和埃辛(Essien),瓜迪奥拉(Guardiola)和蒂亚戈(Tiago),萨里(Sarri)和豪尔吉尼奥(Jorginho)...在足球领域,不乏教练和球员。安切洛蒂和罗纳尔多之间的关系是相同的。

The best season of Ronaldo's career was won during Ancelotti's tenure. The good understanding established during the 22-game winning streak has closely linked them together. After years, Ancelotti tried his best to introduce Ronaldo during his coaching at Bayern Munich and Naples. The cooperation time between the two in Munich was too short, and the upcoming trip to Merseyside may make up for the previous regrets.

在安切洛蒂(Ancelotti)任职期间,罗纳尔多(Ronaldo)生涯中最好的一个赛季获胜。 22连胜期间建立的良好理解将他们紧密地联系在一起。多年之后,安切洛蒂(Ancelotti)在拜仁慕尼黑和那不勒斯执教期间竭尽全力介绍罗纳尔多。两者在慕尼黑的合作时间太短了,即将到来的默西塞德郡旅行可能弥补了之前的遗憾。

In the summer window of 2014, Real Madrid completed a series of personnel changes. Xavi Alonso and Di Maria, who played an important role in winning the 10th crown, left the team, and Kroos and James Rodríguez joined the team. Galaxy battleship, this is Florentino's signal of seeking rejuvenation and technology flow. As a well-informed champion coach, Ancelotti is an ideal candidate to help Real Madrid complete the upgrade. He is an admirer of technical football. He is good at tapping resources under his command, mobilizing the enthusiasm of the players, and able to combine the players into one according to local conditions. overall.

在2014年的夏天,皇家马德里完成了一系列的人事变动。在赢得第十冠的过程中扮演重要角色的哈维·阿隆索(Xavi Alonso)和迪玛莉亚(Di Maria)离开了球队,克鲁斯(Kroos)和詹姆斯·罗德里格斯(JamesRodríguez)也加入了队伍。银河战舰,这是弗洛伦蒂诺寻求复兴和技术发展的信号。作为消息灵通的冠军教练,安切洛蒂是帮助皇家马德里完成升级的理想人选。他是技术足球的崇拜者。他善于在自己的指挥下发掘资源,调动球员的热情,并能够根亚博最新域名据当地情况将球员合并为一个人。总体。

At the beginning of the 2013/14 season, Ancelotti used the 4231 of the Mourinho era when he took office. When Bell recovered from injury and entered the state, the BBC-led 433 formation became Real Madrid's main formation. During the campaign on behalf of the Porto, Monaco and Colombia national teams, Ronaldo showed good adaptability in the 442 and 4231 systems. In October 2014, Bell was injured after the international game day. Ancelotti launched the 442/4222 system in due course. Ronaldo and Isco began to become the leaders of Real Madrid's offense.

在2013/14赛季初,安切洛蒂上任时使用了穆里尼奥时代的4231。当贝尔从伤病中恢复并进入状态时,由BBC领导的433编队成为了皇家马德里的主要编队。在代表波尔图,摩纳哥和哥伦比亚国家队的竞选期间,罗纳尔多在442和4231系统上表现出良好的适应性。 2014年10月,贝尔在国际比赛日后受伤。安切洛蒂适时启动了442/4222系统。罗纳尔多和伊斯科开始成为皇马进攻的领袖。

"The 4-4-2 formation is the best defensive system. We have many systems, but with the 4-4-2 formation, you can take up more space and move forward. When attacking, we can play To change, we can adopt the tactics of two forwards or two wingers. You may not be able to distinguish the offensive system, but the defense system is very clear.” During the coaching of Naples, Ancelotti seemed to himself in an interview. The tactical concept of no trace has had a clearer interpretation. In his coaching career for more than 20 years, Ancelotti has tried almost all popular formations and play styles. The 442 formation and its variants are his favorites.

“ 4-4-2阵型是最好的防御系统。我们有很多系统,但是有了4-4-2阵型,您可以占据更多空间并向前推进。攻击时,我们可以发挥改变的能力,采取两个前锋或两个边锋的战术。您可能无法区分进攻体系,但防守体系非常清晰。”在那不勒斯执教期间,安切洛蒂在面试中表现得很出色,“无痕”的战术概念得到了更清晰的诠释,在他的执教生涯中,二十多年,安切洛蒂尝试了几乎所有流行的编队和打法。及其变体是他的最爱。

Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo suppress the defense in front, Modric and Cross behind him control the rhythm, and there are full-back assists to contain the opponents. Ronaldo is able to dominate the battle in this bilateral front midfielder formation. The offensive system supported by his teammates gave Ronaldo a high degree of freedom, and the shortcomings of his lack of ability to get rid of his feet were covered, and his advantage in passing shots was highlighted.


Ronaldo’s success in Real Madrid’s first season stems from personal hard work and also benefits from Ancelotti’s absolute trust. In the late 22-game winning streak, Isco, one of the "Gemini", became a substitute because of Bell's injury. The Golden Boy had a conflict with Ancelotti, but Ronaldo didn't need to worry about playing time.


With a three-month absence due to a calf muscle injury and a metatarsal fracture, Ronaldo still recorded a score of 17 goals and 15 assists in 45 games. Among them, the league's data reached 13 goals and 13 assists, becoming the first La Liga to come out for many years. Midfielder with double-double data. For a newcomer whose priority is to support the BBC team, it is not easy for Ronaldo to be among the Champions League champions and play his own style.


After taking office, Benitez built tactics around Bell, quickly integrated the "New Five Eagles", and supported engineering players such as Casemiro. Ronaldo's space was severely squeezed. In the first leg of the 2015/16 season in the national derby, Ronaldo did not perform well in the first round of the season. Benitez soon lost his position. His successor Zidane adopted a stable fire fighting strategy. Real Madrid's rotation was once Compressed to about 14 people, the diligent Vazquez became the first substitute on the offensive line, and Ronaldo has since fallen to the edge of the Real Madrid first team.


In the 2016/17 season, Zidane formed the "AB team" within the framework of the most talented first team in Real Madrid history. Ronaldo played more on behalf of the "B team". In the early games of the season, Zidane used Kovacic as a surprise player in key battles many times, and he reused Asensio and Vazquez in the knockout stages of the Champions League. Ronaldo became one of the few disappointed in that successful season. Real Madrid players.

在2016/17赛季,齐达内在皇家马德里历史上最有才华的一线队的框架内组建了“ AB队”。罗纳尔多代表“ B队”出战更多。在赛季初的比赛中,齐达内多次在关键战役中使用科瓦西奇作为突击手,并且在冠军联赛的淘汰赛中重用了阿森西奥和巴斯克斯。罗纳尔多成为那个成功赛季中为数不多的失望者之一。皇马球员。

Unwilling to sink into Real Madrid, Ronaldo accepted the invitation of his teacher Ancelotti at the 2017 Summer Window and went to the Bundesliga to seek challenges. Due to the scarcity of outstanding frontcourt players in the new era and their high prices, it is difficult for Bayern to buy high-level wingers at an ideal price. At that time, Robery's combination could still support one or two seasons, and the Bundesliga giants choose priority Replenish midfielders to achieve tactical upgrades. Compared to Rudy and Tolisso who joined at the same time, Ronaldo, who has a brilliant resume and is the "owner" of Anshuai, carries more expectations.


Unlike Guardiola, who is almost paranoid about details, Ancelotti gives players more freedom to play, and encourages players to spontaneously run in and form offensive and defensive routines after setting up the framework. Bayern Munich's third-line strength is balanced, and the wing attack is sharp. Ronaldo can also get protection from the system. In Ancelotti’s eyes, Bayern’s main lineup is a little dull and needs Ronaldo’s vitality and aura: "Hames can quickly change the game system, making us unpredictable and improving our speed."

与瓜迪奥拉不同,后者对细节几乎是偏执的,安切洛蒂为球员提供了更大的自由发挥,并鼓励他们在建立框架后自发奔跑并形成进攻和防守常规。拜仁慕尼黑的三线力量是均衡的,而且机翼的进攻非常犀利。 Ronaldo也可以从系统中获得保护。在安切洛蒂看来,拜仁的主要阵容有些沉闷,并且需要罗纳尔多的活力和灵气:“海姆斯可以迅速改变游戏系统,使我们无法预测并提高速度。”

When Ronaldo just joined, Ancelotti asked him to work hard to improve his state and adapt to the requirements of competition. Facts have proved that this is only Ancelotti's official words when facing the media, and his "doting" sentiment for Ronaldo quickly became apparent. After getting rid of the ankle and calf muscle injuries, J Luo quickly gained the main position. After experiencing the downturn against Anderlecht, Paris Saint-Germain and Wolfsburg, Ronaldo gradually found a sense.


In the two Bundesliga games against Schalke and Leipzig, Ancelotti placed Ronaldo behind the center forward, who built lateral connections and partial coordination to drive the system's operation. In the late Ancelotti era, Bayern fell into turmoil and confusion, but Ronaldo showed a better upward trend. Heynckes was naturally watching all this.


Based on Ancelotti's experience, Heynckes transformed Ronaldo into a central midfielder who mainly runs, receives and plays the ball, helping him continue to maintain the characteristics of a "mass production midfielder". In the process of retreat to advance, Ronaldo has gained a wide space for handling the ball, is good at passing and can play the advantage of scoring. From the second round of the Champions League group stage revenge against Paris Saint-Germain, to the away defeat of Leverkusen in the league, to the Champions League knockout round against Real Madrid, Ronaldo has played MVP-level performances in these key battles, leaving a deep impression. impression.


In the summer window of 2019, Ronaldo returned to Real Madrid. A few months before that, Zidane had begun to build the "Galaxy Phase III". Despite the gains of Hazard and Jovic, Zidane still tried his best to tap the resources of the team based on the principle of equal opportunity. At the beginning of the 2019/20 season, Ronaldo had won consecutive starts, but Real Madrid had a poor record (losing to Paris and drew with Valladolid). After defeating Mallorca, Ronaldo was also bleak in the 442/4222 system he was best at, and then he was beaten into the cold palace.


Zidane’s military thinking seems to be changeable, but in fact he still follows the coaching thinking of his first tenure. The midfield pays attention to technique and balance, and the striker focuses on impact and coverage. Ronaldo can’t find a suitable one on both lines. position. After La Liga resumed work, Zidane responded to the "call" of Ronaldo's agent and arranged for the Colombian to start in the game at Real Sociedad. Ronaldo did nothing in 78 minutes of playing time and lost his last chance of redemption.


Just when Ronaldo couldn't play the game, Ancelotti reached out to him many times. After taking over Naples, Ancelotti put aside the 433 system during the Sarri period and designed a 442/4222 system that is very suitable for Ronaldo. In the summer window of 2019, Ronaldo was very close to landing in Serie A. Ancelotti said publicly in an interview: "I hope he can join Naples. I know him very well. He can play anywhere in the midfield. I often put him on the left as an offensive midfielder. When coaching Real Madrid, I also let him play on the right. His position is not a problem, he can adapt to different roles."


It is a pity that Real Madrid and Naples did not finally negotiate on the price. Failing to join hands again, Ancelotti and Ronaldo both ran into trouble in the following season. Despite the constant discord with Chairman De Laurentiis, Ancelotti was still struggling to win for Ronaldo until the end of 2019. When the "head of the five major leagues" moved to Everton, Ronaldo was frequently linked to the Premier League teams by the media. At the same time, Wolves and Arsenal also expressed interest in Ronaldo. Their attractiveness obviously cannot be compared with Everton coached by Ancelotti.


Ancelotti introduced the 442/4222 system for Everton, which is the most suitable formation for Ronaldo to play. Full-backs including Digne, Sidibe and Coleman can all take advantage of the front waist. The flank channel left behind. J Luo's passing skills with no dead ends are very suitable for partnering with Risa Lisson and Lewin. His solid body and strong ball protection ability are also sufficient to deal with Premier League-level confrontations.

安切洛蒂为埃弗顿引进了442/4222系统,这是罗纳尔多最适合比赛的阵型。包括Digne,Sidibe和Coleman在内的后卫都可以利用前腰。侧面通道被留下。罗杰(J Luo)的传球技亚博最新域名巧无懈可击,非常适合与里萨·里森(Risa Lisson)和莱温(Lewin)合作。他坚实的身体和强大的控球能力也足以应付英超联赛级别的对抗。

Ronaldo's technical ability and game experience are not a problem, and the platform provided by Everton is also very suitable for his play. Before Ronaldo came to the Premier League, his mentor Ancelotti had prepared the tactical system most suitable for him to play. The Colombian is expected to resume the style of a mass-produced midfielder just like when he rented Bayern. The Premier League in the new era has become a paradise for technical players. Compared with the problem of style adaptation, the biggest obstacle to Ronaldo's path forward should be the hidden dangers of injuries accumulated over the years.


Since the 2011/12 season, J Luo has a total of 21 leave due to injury. In his first season with Real Madrid, Ronaldo missed 9 games due to a fractured fifth metatarsal. In the second season, he missed 17 games due to two muscle injuries. In the third season, he missed ankle and calf muscle injuries. 10 first-team matches. During the Bundesliga loan period, Ronaldo was injured more and more frequently. Injuries in the hips, knee collateral ligaments, thigh muscles and calf muscles caused him to miss out for 3 months. After returning to Real Madrid, Ronaldo has been injured three times in the past season and has been absent for another three months.

自2011/12赛季以来,罗俊杰因伤缺勤共有21个假。在与皇马的第一个赛季中,罗纳尔多由于第五fifth骨骨折而缺席了9场比赛。在第二个赛季,他因两次肌肉受伤缺席了17场比赛。在第三个赛季,他错过了脚踝和小腿肌肉的受亚博最新域名伤。 10队比赛。在德甲联赛贷款期间,罗纳尔多受伤的频率越来越高。臀部,膝盖副韧带,大腿肌肉和小腿肌肉受伤,导致他错过了三个月的时间。回到皇马后,罗纳尔多在过去的一个赛季中受伤了三场,缺席了三个月。

Ronaldo's attitude on the court is no problem. The problem is that there are too many negative news off the court. From the constant disagreement with Real Madrid's medical team due to injuries, the rumors of her marriage change were repeatedly hyped by tabloids, to the middle finger to reporters facing the camera, from being replaced in advance and returning to the bench after angrily punching the baffle, to being directly on the sidelines Zidane swears, and then takes the initiative to withdraw from the Champions League life and death list... Zidane has strict requirements for the players' self-discipline and professionalism, and Ancelotti's requirements in this regard are much more relaxed. This is The gospel of J Luo.

罗纳尔多在球场上的态度没有问题。问题在于场外有太多负面消息。从因受伤而一直与皇马医疗团队之间一直存在分歧,到她的婚姻变更传闻一再被小报炒作,从中指到面对镜头的记者,从事先被替换并在愤怒地打了挡板之后回到了替补席上。 ,直接站在场上,齐达内发誓,然后主动退出欧洲冠军联赛的生死名单...齐达内对球员的自律和职业素养有严格的要求,而安切洛蒂在这方面的要求很多更放松。这是罗杰的福音。

The ambitious Everton needs a balloon star to lead the way, Ancelotti needs his own person to help him coordinate the relationship between the locker room, and Ronaldo also needs a platform with enough cards to display his talents. Can this signing The key to bringing about a win-win situation lies in the tacit understanding between the "father and son" pair. Ancelotti provides a shelter for Ronaldo, and Colombians also have their own ways to repay their teachers. For Ancelotti, who has coached for more than 20 years and traveled to the five major leagues, Everton may become the last stop of his club’s coaching career. The gold medal coach needs a decent ending. Ronaldo may be helping him. The key to breaking the spell of "An Ernian".


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