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亚博最新网站是多少-德尚博练习场练球后挪40码 可他还在密谋提升距离

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   Beijing time on October 8, you have to admire Bryson DeChambeau (Bryson DeChambeau). He really did what he said.

北京时间10月8日,您必须欣赏布赖森·德尚博(Bryson DeChambeau)。他确实做到了他所说的。

   A year ago, Bryson De Chambeau looked at a small team of reporters. At that time, he was preparing to leave the Holy Land Brotherhood Children's Hospital Open, and he vowed to reporters to transform his body to an unprecedented level.


"When I come back next year, it looks like it will be another person. You will see great changes in my body, which is a good thing. My shots will be much farther," Bryson De Chambord at TPC Samlin said after defending his title and tied for fourth.

TPC Samlin的Bryson De Chambord在捍卫他的身体后说:“明年我回来的时候,看起来就像是另一个人。你会发现我的身体发生了很大的变化,这是一件好事。冠军,并列第四。

   At that time, Bryson De Chambeau's words drew many people's eyes. The feeling that De Chambeau is crazy again spreads across the golf world. But the skeptics, at least it seems that way now, just eat their words.

当时,布赖森·德尚博的话语吸引了很多人的视线。 De Chambeau疯狂的感觉再次在整个高尔夫界传播。但是怀疑论者,至少现在看来是这样,只是吃了他们的话。

  Because the saying that "the ball will be shot farther" is really humble. With great power and impressive accuracy, he won the Rockets Mortgage Challenge with a 3 strokes and the US Open with 6 strokes.


   At the end of the 2018-19 season, Bryson De Chambeau's kick-off score was +0.421, and the average kick-off distance was 302.5 yards. A year later, at the end of the season, he scored +1.039 on the kick-off, leading the tournament, and the kick-off distance was 322.1 yards, also ranked first.


   One year after he spoke, Bryson DeChambeau had to move 40 yards behind the other players on the TPC Samlin practice range on Tuesday night. Now his weight has increased by about 40 yards and his body is significantly stronger.

讲话一年后,布赖森·德尚博(Bryson DeChambeau)必须在周二晚上在TPC萨姆林练习场上落后其他球员40码。现在他的体重增加了约40码,他的身体明显更强壮。

   He hit the ball into a residential area, thank god, and bear the brunt of it. There were some golf equipment trucks parked there instead of other people’s houses.


   "A long time ago, I watched the movie "Happy Gilmore" (Happy Gilmore), and that reinvigorated me to go as far as possible," he joked playfully on Wednesday.

他在周三开玩笑地说:“很久以前,我看了电影《快乐吉尔摩》(Happy Gilmore),这使我尽可能地振奋。”

   Even after moving back a lot on the practice range, Bryson De Chambeau still threatens those in the golf cart. This scene immediately reminiscent of the role played by Adam Sandler (Adam Sandler). He hit the ball from his grandmother's lawn into a house 400 yards away. When the porter couldn't believe what they saw, he hit another ball, which knocked a man down from the window he had just smashed on the second floor.

即使在练习场上移了很多后,布赖森·德尚博仍然威胁着高尔夫球车上的人。这一幕立刻让人想起亚当·桑德勒(Adam Sandler)扮演的角色。他从祖母的草坪上将球击入400码外的房屋中。当搬运工不敢相信他们所看到的东西时,他又打了一个球,把一个人从刚砸在二楼的窗户上撞了下来。

   Bryson De Chambeau was grateful, he did not hurt any innocent spectators. But he must have frightened the other contestants. They can see and hear, the powerful serve whizzing past their heads. Bryson DeChambeau has won on this court, but now he will attack from a new position. He said that there are four par-4 holes that he can directly put on the green, of course he can hit two shots on all four par-5 holes.

布赖森·德尚博(Bryson De Chambeau)很感激,他没有伤害任何无辜的观众。但是他一定吓坏了其他参赛者。他们可以看到和听到,有力的发球从头顶飞过。布赖森·德尚博(Bryson DeChambeau)在本场比赛中获胜,但现在他将从一个新职位上进攻。他说,他可以直接在果岭上打四个4杆洞,当然,他可以在所有4个5杆洞上击球两次。

"There are some holes here I will try to tee off as close to the green as possible," he confirmed before leaving for the professional/amateur match on Wednesday. "It's really fun that the 7 iron can hit 220 yards. Definitely. It is unique. In addition, the 4 iron can hit 265 yards. There are some holes here. I used to have to use the 3 wood, but now my 4 iron can tee off.

他证实说:“这里会有一些洞,我会尽量在果岭附近开球。”他在周三前往职业/业余比赛前证实。 “这7个铁杆可以击中220码真的很有趣。这是绝对的。这是独一无二的。此外,这4个铁杆可以击中265码。这里有些孔。我以前不得不使用3杆木,但是现在我的4杆铁可以开球。

"At the same time, the key is putting, cutting and wedge. You still need to do everything well. So if I play well, hit the ball well, putt well, I think I will have a good chance again . I love this stadium."


   Bryson DeChambeau has won many times on the PGA Tour and won the American Amateur Championship before transforming his body. He really didn't need to make a change, certainly there was no need to make such a big change. But his personality is like this, always looking for perfection, even if he knows it is impossible. But even if it fails, try to get as close as possible.

布赖森·德尚博(Bryson DeChambeau)在PGA巡回赛上赢得了很多次冠军,并且在改变身体之前赢得了美国业余锦标赛冠军。他确实不需要进行任何更改,当然不需要进行如此大的更改。但是他的个性就是这样,即使他知道这是不可能的,也总是在寻求完美。但是,即使失败了,也要尽量靠近。

  Before he changed his body, he had no competitiveness in the Grand Slam. But at the age of 27, he is already the winner of seven PGA Tour titles and has brought home the US Open trophy. The August PGA Championship was his first time in the top ten (T4) in a Grand Slam, and his performance in Winged Foot last month may change the face of golf.


   After winning, he immediately thought of the second step-to use the 48-inch driver to gain more distance. He immediately tested it. On the one hand, he was not ready to unveil the club in the first event after the US Open victory. On the other hand, he was likely to be put into use in the US Masters in November.


   "I'm going to Augusta to unveil it again," he confirmed, "but I'm looking forward to using the 48-inch driver to see what can be done on that court and what opportunities it will give me.


"Everything is going very well. I think you can say that using the 48-inch driver has a great advantage in putting it into the game. I am still training. I need to figure out some things, but so far everything has been very good. Baton."


   In fact, the body modification has been great all year. When it comes to Bryson De Chambeau, you can expect him to always bring something new.




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