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On October 31, local time, Croatian national team member Ante Budimir made his debut in Osasuna. In Pamplona, ​​a city known for the Bulls Festival, the tall forward rushed to the court with a desire to prove himself in the 68th minute, and after 12 minutes broke through the gate guarded by Oblak.

当地时间10月31日,克罗地亚国家队队员Ante Budimir在奥萨苏纳(Osasuna)首次亮相。在以公牛节闻名的潘普洛纳,这位高大的前锋冲向球场,希望在第68分钟证明自己,并在12分钟后闯入了由奥布拉克(Oblak)守卫的大门。

Last season, Budimir scored 13 goals for Mallorca in La Liga and performed well. He was infected with the new crown virus, so he failed to play for Osasuna the first time. Nevertheless, everything is now on the right track, and October is still a dream month for him.


"I came to the new club, made my debut for Croatia, and had a son Tom, and on the last day of October, I scored a goal in the first game." The next morning after the goal, Budi Mill was interviewed.


"Unfortunately we lost 1-3 in the end, but of course I am satisfied with my performance. On Wednesday, my son Tom was born. As a father, I dedicate my goal to him and hope that he can grow up smoothly." He laughed happily. And added, "This must be the best goal of my career."


In mid-October, Budimir, who returned to Spain, tested positive for the new crown. "I tested it before the game with France and it was negative." Boudimir said. "After returning to Pamplona, ​​my nose hurts a bit. It was very cold and I thought I had a cold, but I couldn't smell it soon. The smell makes me uncomfortable all day."

10月中旬,回到西班牙的布迪米尔(Budimir)对新皇冠进行了正面测试。 “我在与法国的比赛之前对它进行了测试,但结果是负面的。”布迪米尔说。 ``回到潘普洛纳后,我的鼻子有点疼。天很亚博最新域名冷,我以为我得了感冒,但我很快闻不到它的味道。这种气味使我整天都不舒服。''

"I was isolated in the hotel with my mother and pregnant wife. It's a bit weird to not be able to go home, but I want to praise the measures taken by the club and the hotel. The entire first floor was closed and I turned an empty room into a gym. In addition, there are The 60-meter length is enough for me to run and do other activities to keep as much as possible."


Last Monday, he finally came to the court and received individual training from several coaches. "This helps me find the rhythm as soon as possible after isolation." Budimir explained. It wasn't until the day before the match with Atletico that he participated in team training and met his new teammates. "Just like when the buzzer signed Osasuna, one minute before the start of training, the test result showed that I was negative and I could practice together."

上周一,他终于来到法院,并接受了几位教练的个人培训。 “这有助于我在隔离后尽快找到节奏。”布迪米尔解释道。直到与马竞比赛的前一天,他才参加了团队训练并结识了他的新队友。 “就像在训练开始前一分钟,当蜂鸣器将Osasuna签名时,测试结果表明我是负面的,我可以一起练习。”

"I received a cross and scored a goal, which is in line with Osasuna's style. I have been learning about Osasuna's game during isolation." Budimir said that even if he could not participate in training, he wanted to fully Take advantage of these two weeks.


After the game, he met the Croatian second goal Ivo Gerbic, who had just transferred to Atletico. "Everyone rarely gathers during the epidemic, but I managed to say hello to Ivo. Ivo is improving day by day. Every time I see him, he gets stronger."

比赛结束后,他达到了克罗地亚的第二个进球,后者刚刚转会至马竞。 “在这种流行病中,每个人很少聚集,但是我设法向伊沃打招呼。伊沃每天都在进步。每次见到他,他都会变得更强壮。”

Six days later, Osasuna will challenge Sevilla away. Budimir is looking forward to meeting Rakitic and winning the key game. He gradually understood his place in the tactics of such a mid-range team.

六天后,奥萨苏纳将挑战塞维利亚。 Budimir期待与Rakitic会面并赢得关键比赛。他逐渐了解了自己在这样一支中档球队战术中的地位。

"Osasuna hopes that I can score in the penalty area. The season has just started and I still need to recover and improve my physical fitness, but I believe I can find a place in La Liga, one of the best leagues in the world."

“奥萨苏纳希望我能在罚球区得分。本赛季刚刚开始,我仍然需要恢复并提高身体素质,但我亚博最新网站是多少相信我可以在世界上最好的联赛之一西甲找到位置。 ”

Budimir and Gerbic will meet again soon because Croatia is about to face Sweden and Portugal in the European League.


"The current task is to keep the Europa League A seat. I will have time for the next three games. I hope I can seize the opportunity and try my best to cooperate with my teammates, because I am still a newcomer in the national team. As for next year. In the summer of the European Cup, everything needs to be done slowly." Budimir concluded.


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